If you want to succeed in construction industry, then out of the box thinking and enthusiasm to work at ground level is necessary. Damian Trevor had his first interaction with the construction industry while working for private equity group on construction development project. This energetic leader prefers to work at ground level and closely works together with architects, general contractors and subcontractors.  Such tactics and techniques enable business leaders to keep tab on ongoing projects and monitor the status. Damian Trevor is a true leader who is conscious about meeting predetermined goals and objectives.

The owner of Team Sun Construction, Damian Trevor has always managed to exceed client’s expectations at all level. He has never looked back after joining the construction industry but takes appropriate care about project’s completion within deadline. The players of construction industry are aware that satisfying customer expectations is herculean challenge. Damian Trevor primarily understands the perspective of client and accordingly develops feasible solution. It is a true challenge to remodel, renovate any residential or commercial property. However, by utilizing advanced technology and determination to deliver quality results were the key reasons that enabled Damian to meet success.

Remodeling and renovating residential or commercial property is an inventive task. Team Sun Construction has helped homeowners with renovation of various sections. Team Sun Construction is a noted company known for successfully handling various projects from the beginning till end. Damian Trevor stringently adheres with local rules, laws and maintains high standard of excellence with the work.  By utilizing superior construction practices and techniques, Damian Trevor has created pristine reputation in the eyes of valuable clients.  Prior opening construction company, Damian had completed his graduation from the Pennsylvania University with the degree – Bachelor of Science in Psychology more than two decades back.

Damian Trevor is a man of golden heart, he is also active in the board of Desert Resource Center, Palm Springs. This center provides assistance, counseling, meal and even shelter to deprived people. All the qualities of a successful man are present in Damian Trevor. He is a true leader who has always navigated his entire team of Team Sun Construction through challenges. This dynamic leader has made his presence felt in social circles as well. When Damian is not working then he personally assists students as volunteer. Apart from all this, Trevor has actively partaken in charity events hosted by The Springs Country Club.